Cocktail Sticks – How many uses are there?

Cocktail Sticks

I am in awe of the person who invented cocktail sticks.  The uses for them are endless, aren’t they?

Cocktail Sticks

Cocktail Sticks

Food and drink:

  •  1970’s style Cheese and pineapple /onions hedgehogs
  • sausages on sticks
  • olives in martini’s
  • cherries in cocktails
  • Mozzarella and basil on sticks
  • holding together club sandwiches
  • holding together burgers
  • pinning  together stuffed meat or leaves
  • Making Sweet Trees

Party Games :

Other Uses:

  • To make holes in potting compost when planting seeds
  • use as a split for poorly plants
  • Resetting technology – tiny little holes in the back of calculators, routers and other electronic devices
  • holding things together whilst glue is setting
  • making a structure to build people etc out of icing
  • making trees or flowers for junk model gardens
  • cleaning out the dirty that gets caught in the back of rings -yuck!
  • toothpick

How many more can we find? Post yours in the comments section below.


I really appreciate your comments and your time. Elaine