Corporate Speak and Jargon

There are so many phrases  or abbreviations that are banded round at meetings or during the work day that really get my goat.  So just to get them off my chest I thought I would share them with you

  • DE
  • AE
  • AH – thats me!
  • QM
  • SuperQM
  • Smartsheets
  • Phased roll out
  • Blue sky thinking – bit dated but its there
  • COMPLIANCE, compliance, compliance – so many rules it makes you paranoid
  • CAR PARK – that one is just a bloody cop out.  I don’t know the answer, no one had even thought about it so we will car park it!  Car park is currently a bit like Meadowhall Shopping Centre in December!
  • Lets be honest and open
  • My door is always open
  • KPI’s
  • Stats
  • Budgets or Bodgets as I like to call them
  • Framework
  • Standardisation – strongly believe that no one actually knows what this is as nothing is ever the same or you can just adjust  them to fit – removing the whole idea of standard
  • Due diligence – this phrase just makes me laugh everytime

I think this blog is just going to be a rolling list that I will update as I see fit.  Though if you have any to add please share them with me.

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