Coffee Machine Vs Games Console – The Great Debate

Coffee Machine Vs Games Console

Its Tim’s birthday and I was as usual stuck for what to get him.  I mean, what do you get for the bloke that has everything, or if he hasn’t got it generally he just goes out and buys it anyway? Every year I struggle with birthdays and Christmas its never a pleasure to buy for him.

He likes his cars as long as they are old and cranky and has been looking for yet another one.  Seems to chop his cars in more often than I get new shoes!  Sorry  but now I switch off as soon as I notice him surfing Autotrader or Ebay for cars.

He is also into his cycling.  For his 40th I bought him a very expensive bike and recently he has bought a new one. Last year I think I bought him bike stuff, pedals and the like but  he just pops to the cycling shop when he wants something.  I thought about  buying him a Camel bag – bladder bag?  (apparently its not for weeing in) its for water so he doesn’t get dehydrated. He has been talking about them for ages and told me he had one or had seen one he was going to get, so I didn’t even go down that route!

Clothes well, really that’s just a waste of time no matter what clothes I buy he will always find a reason to take it back, too big, too small, just not quite right so I have stopped wasting my time with clothes.

However, we were wandering around John Lewis a few weeks ago whilst the boys were at scout camp and he spotted a lady with a coffee machine, he listened to her sales patter, had a lovely cup of hot chocolate and debated about the differences in the machines on offer and we left.  As we wandered around the shops and he mentioned the coffee machine a few times in conversation and thought it might be a good idea if we got one I believe one of the phrases was ‘Wasn’t the hot chocolate really nice, it would be nice to have one’ and then the subject was dropped .

Well, I thought finally there was something I could get him and he would like and wouldn’t buy himself.


He thought that I had bought him a games console!  Really! Like we need another one in this house.  Then, he told me that after 23 years I should realise that a tool box would have been more preferable and that I had bought the said coffee machine for myself.  Well, I can’t deny I thought it would be nice but that was not my intention if it was I might have bought a red one to match my kitchen or a more expensive one that frothed milk.

How many tool boxes does one bloke need?

Anyway what can I say I failed in my present buying attempts yet again!

Christmas list:  Games Console, Tool Box and Bladder bag, Hettie Hoover!

Rant over!

I really appreciate your comments and your time. Elaine