Hyde Park Winter Wonderland – November 2013

Its my husband’s birthday this weekend so he wanted to go for a ‘family’ day out on Saturday.  To be honest I was quite surprised as really he is a complete ‘Bah Humbug’ when it comes to all things Christmassy.

After a slight detour to the wrong park we found our way past the Serpentine to Hyde Park.  (I love my husband’s short cuts – always gets us lost).


We reached Hyde Park about lunchtime and already it was fairly busy.  The site is massive and there were thousands of people there.  We walked through stalls of food selling pretzels , crepes, waffles, chips, hog roast.  The smell of cooking food, mulled wine and chestnuts filled the air which was not as cold as we were expecting.

There were loads of gift stalls, funfair games and rides and a really lovely Father Christmas who looked like the one you would see in Christmas cards of old.

Winter Wonderland Map

We walked through the plethora of stalls and up to the massive big wheel.

 All of the rides were tokens and at £1 per token this could end up being a very expensive trip out.

The boys watched the story tree next to the big wheel and then children wanted to go into the Alpen Hotel which is a huge fun house. To go into the Alpen Hotel you needed 5 tokens per person.  This alone cost £10 for both of the boys to go on.  Joe and Tim then decided we were all going to go to on a roller coaster but at £20 Leo decided he really didn’t want to go on so just Tim and Joe went on another £10 gone. Instead of going on more rides the boys  decided to play on a few of the stalls, and won some toys, a minion and  a reindeer to take home.

We also went into the Magical Ice Kingdom. This costs £28.   This was amazing definitely worth a look. Though it was so cold, my eldest was in tears as his hand and feet were hurting in the cold.  My youngest loved the Ice Slide.    The sculptures and fort were amazing.  I kept having to touch the ice to see if it was real or plastic.   Though it is not massive as it is so cold it was big enough to walk around. Would have been even more amazing of there was a snow we could actually play in! We came out and found a stall with  hot chocolate and waffles to warm up on. Yum yum.

We tried to have a look at the shopping stalls but by this time the sun had gone down and the park seemed to take on a whole new fairground atmosphere.  The masses were getting too much to cope with and the boys were getting tired so decided to make a move back home.

It was a fab day out but  my recommendations would be if you have young children get there early in the day and go home at dusk.  Prepare to spend quite a bit of money.  It is a full day out!

Just a few pointers:

  • Four cups of hot chocolate £14 (much smaller than a Costa Hot Chocolate)
  • Tokens for rides £1 per token
  • Smaller children’s rides were 3 tokens
  • bigger rides were 4/5 tokens per person per ride.
  • Roller coasters 4 tokens per child 6 per adult.
  • Stall Games anything from £3 and upwards.


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