Questions for the children – Part 1

I have borrowed this from  Sharon’s Blog  who has asked the same questions to her children.  It is very interesting what you find out!

1) Name?



2) Age?

J = 11

L = 8

3) The five best things about yourself?

J = Enthusiastic, good at remembering facts, kind, thoughtful, good at making tea 

L = Always have fun, I know how  to behave at school, I am nice to my friends and I like spellings.

4) How much pocket money do you think you should get?

J = £4

L = £1.50

5) Favourite food?

J = Hot dog and cheese stuffed crust pizza from Dominoes

L = Plain cheese pizza, pepperoni pizza, yummy chips from the Chinese and popcorn    

6) Favourite drink?

J = Barrs Cream Soda

L = Milkshake

7) Favourite musicians?

J = Daft Punk

L = Anything but not boy bands like One Direction

8) What do you think  makes a good friend?

J = Trustworthy, kind, and preferably not too ugly

L = Always nice

9) What 2 things do you  think we should do more?

J = Go on bike rides and swimming together

L = Go to LEGOLAND and Florida   

10) Do you believe in heaven?

J = No but I believe in rebirth

L = Yes because that’s where very old Grampy lives.

11) Do you think girls look better with or without makeup?

J = Depends

L = Better without

12) How much time a day should a child watch tv?

J = As much as they want if they have done their homework

L =  2 hours  or 2 minutes I am not sure because it will hurt their eyes                                                  

13) What do you think is the  right age for marriage?

J = 18 cause that is the limit for most things

L =  25

14) What would you do if  you were invisible for a day?

J =  Mum you know I would play pranks on everyone like I know you would too

L = Go to the shop and steal toys

15) favourite item of clothing?

J = Shoes and hats

L = Motorbike Crash helmet  and snuggly (dressing gown)

It is certainly interesting what you find out.  Joe doesn’t believe in heaven that one surprised me.  His reply to my further questioning was ‘but mum not to be mean but surely its better to believe that people will come back maybe as different things but they come back to us in the end, rather than staying in heaven where you will only get to see them when you die too’.  What a thought! that had never crossed my mind.

I see I  also have some moral issues to discuss with Leo in relation to stealing.

I wonder if the answers will be the same in a year.  I think I might put it in my diary and see. Thanks Sharon for the loan of your questions.


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