Pets – fur,feather or scales?

I wish my kids could have the pets that they really want!

They are desperate for a dog but I am allergic to mostly everything.  Yes, really!  So that means the only  pets we can have are fish or reptiles and then only reptiles that are veggie as I couldn’t have dead chicks or mice in the house.

We do have a fish tank which currently is home to an Angel fish and two clown loaches.  We can’t have anything else as the Angel fish just hunts them and kills them.  We could get rid of it but I think her temperament fits well in our household.

Leo had  some money for his birthday and really, really, really wants a hamster. We had the conversation about responsibility and looking after animals and Leo at the tiny age of 8 decided that he is responsible.  I have managed to persuade him to have a small fish tank which he can have in his room rather than a snake or gecko.

At the pet shop we chose a starter kit with a 14 litre capacity discussed which type of fish we should get once the tank was set up and ready. This took the best part of a hour!

Now this evening we have the tank ready and will be counting down the sleeps until the fish can be purchased.

5 Sleeps and counting…….


I really appreciate your comments and your time. Elaine