What a difference a day makes – Cubs update!

Week 3 at Cubs and my son  has been teaching other cubs to play Pontoon (21 as its called in our house) at pack tonight. Then he told be he had been playing darts and came out with can you take me to the pub when I picked him up.   Should I be worried?

This is such a change from last week when I literally carried him in kicking and screaming.

I think throwing him at the deep end and sending him on camp was a brilliant decision by me.   He was more than a little apprehensive about going on camp asking me questions such as, where will I get changed, what will I have to eat, will I sleep with Joe?

Their bags were all packed up Friday night, sleeping bags and mats, boots, waterproofs.  Saturday morning came and he was a bit twitchy not really sure about whether he really wanted to go.  I managed to persuade him that he should go and see what it is like and that I could  come and get him if he wasn’t having a good time.  My eldest son the other hand couldn’t wait to get away from me.

We arrived at the hall and waited for the other children to arrive.  Being a novice cub mother I had packed everything bar the kitchen sink for just one night. Next time I will know better, I hope.  Both boys had a rucksack with spare clothes and a small suitcase with more clothes and they came back in the clothes they went in.

Then off they went!  Joe on the train with his rucksack as he had to hike to camp with the other Scouts and Leo went off with his fellow Cubs.

On Sunday the boys came home filthy and full of it.  Both had such an amazing time I wish I had sent them before.

They were really impressed with sleeping in their clothes, lighting fires, sleeping in tents in a thunder and lightening storm and night hiking.  In fact,  Leo who was the most apprehensive was so impressed he wants to go to camp again this weekend!


Next camp booked for last weekend in November!

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  1. Funny how one comment from one parent can lift volunteers & make it all seem so worthwhile … had to share this with my team

    Join this group & post if you wish (it really helps) https://www.facebook.com/groups/OxScouting/
    A discussion/news group for youth members, adult members, parents, carers and other supporters of Oxfordshire Scouting

    We are some of the volunteers who support the volunteers 😉
    Twitter #FF @OxonScouts @johndickin

    • Thanks for your comments John. My husband and I are both thinking of signing up as volunteers though I am clumsier than the average human 🙂

I really appreciate your comments and your time. Elaine