Plums and Kidneys! What’s not to know?

Today was an adventure (with my positive head on) or a challenge (with my usual head on).

My eldest son aged 11, left for school this morning on his bike only to realise he had forgotten his tie.  He came back home to collect it and left to go back to school again.

On his way back to school he was crossing the road using the newly installed zebra crossing but decided to ride his bike across it, bumped up the kerb and fell off his bike.  Needless to say he had hurt himself and squashed his ‘plums’ as they are referred to in our house.

Thank you to the lollypop lady that helped him up and the man that stopped his car to check he was ok.

A few hours later he was feeling better and managed to go to school which made me quite proud that he had decided that he wanted to go into school even though I said he could stay at home with Nanny.  (Thanks MUM!)

Tonight, we were having a discussion about his accident and how he was lucky not to have been seriously hurt.  I asked him how his ‘plums’ were doing.  He replied that the bag was ok but  his kidney was still a bit sore. It took a little while to understand what he was on about, but what he had meant was his testicles.  Well I was speechless, in his plums were his kidneys! I explained to him that it wasn’t his kidneys he had hurt but his testicles but he didn’t believe me.  I even had to show him pictures to prove that his kidneys were in a different place.

 I have always been quite open (sometimes to matter of fact) about bodies, body parts and body functions and I knew that we had talked about his body before.  I also believed they had talked about bodies at school so I am hoping that he did just get confused.

Maybe he  won’t be a doctor when he leaves school!

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